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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phasesort descending
Seychelles Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Secured Lending and Collateral Registry in Seychelles 08/18/2013 Completed 300,264 A026 P147160 Phase III
Comoros Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Financial Sector Development and Implementation Plan (FSDIP) in Comoros 12/08/2014 Active 360,910 B018 P150744 Phase III
Tunisia Middle East and North Africa Macroprudential, Financial Safety Net & Crisis Preparedness Establishment of an Asset Management Company in Tunisia 02/27/2013 Completed 113,538 A001 P145098 Phase III
Albania Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Strengthening the Government Bond Market and Management of Related Public Debt in Albania 08/14/2014 Active 370,436 B005 P151027 Phase III
Indonesia East Asia and Pacific Housing Finance Constructing Robust Mortgage Markets in Indonesia 06/22/2014 Completed 421,880 A058 P151426 Phase III
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Financial Inclusion in Lesotho 09/17/2015 Active 1,497,889 P9 P155971 Phase III


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