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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Datesort descending Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
Burundi Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Financial Sector Stability and Inclusion In Burundi 06/06/2018 Active 398,983 F001 P165083 Phase III
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Credit Guarantee Strengthening In Egypt 07/19/2018 Active 386,679 F002 P167225 Phase III
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Payment Systems and Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion in BCEAO 07/24/2018 Active 457,573 D017 P167441 Phase III
Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Insurance & Pension Market Strengthening in Zimbabwe 08/14/2018 Active 399,954 P24 P167403 Phase III
West Bank and Gaza Middle East and North Africa Microfinance Microfinance Sector Strategy in West Bank and Gaza 08/14/2018 Active 251,958 E022 P166409 Phase III
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance Digital Finance and De-risking Agricultural Financing in Rwanda 08/16/2018 Active 498,871 F009 P167799 Phase III


Projects found based on your filtering criteria: 680