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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Numbersort descending Project ID Phase
Madagascar South Asia Insurance Payment Systems in Madagascar 10/24/2017 Active 341,711 E015 P164875 Phase III
Zambia Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Insolvency and Secured Transactions Reform to Promote MSME Access to Credit and Financial Inclusion in Zambia 12/21/2017 Active 377,397 E016 P165590 Phase III
Swaziland Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Increasing Financial Inclusion In Swaziland 12/09/2017 Active 417,720 E017 P165019 Phase III
The Gambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Banking Supervision, Resolution, and Crisis Preparedness in The Gambia 12/07/2017 Active 392,390 E018 P165465 Phase III
Nicaragua Latin America and Caribbean Banking Strengthening Deposit Insurance System in Nicaragua 01/23/2018 Active 114,701 E019 P165327 Phase III
Guyana Latin America and Caribbean Macroprudential, Financial Safety Net & Crisis Preparedness Financial Safety Net Strengthening & Deposit Insurance in Guyana 01/23/2018 Active 299,533 E020 P165708 Phase III
West Bank and Gaza Middle East and North Africa Microfinance Microfinance Sector Strategy in West Bank and Gaza 08/14/2018 Active 251,958 E022 P166409 Phase III
Angola East Asia and Pacific Financial and Information Infrastructures Strengthening Payment Systems in Angola 05/17/2018 Active 376,973 E023 P166484 Phase III
Burundi Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Financial Sector Stability and Inclusion In Burundi 06/06/2018 Active 398,983 F001 P165083 Phase III
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Credit Guarantee Strengthening In Egypt 07/19/2018 Active 386,679 F002 P167225 Phase III
Uzbekistan Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening Banking Regulations in Uzbekistan 05/07/2018 Active 124,647 F003 P167070 Phase III
El Salvador East Asia and Pacific Pensions Regulation Private Pension System in El Salvador 05/04/2018 Active 122,725 F004 P167110 Phase III
Serbia Europe and Central Asia Banking State-Owned Bank Reforms In Serbia 05/23/2018 Active 99,961 F006 P167402 Phase III
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance Digital Finance and De-risking Agricultural Financing in Rwanda 08/16/2018 Active 498,871 F009 P167799 Phase III
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Strengthening Financial Stability Program 10/16/2013 Completed 2,079,846 P1 P148141, P149371 Phase III
India South Asia Programmatic SIDBI MSME Finance in India 08/26/2015 Active 1,716,965 P10 P151544 Phase III
Haiti Latin America and Caribbean Programmatic Increasing Access to Responsible Financial Services in Haiti 06/29/2015 Active 1,562,912 P11 P155910 Phase III
Nepal South Asia Banking Strengthening Banking Supervision in Nepal (IMF) 07/23/2015 Active 1,689,882 P12 N/A Phase III
Mozambique Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Improving the Enabling Environment for for Long Term Finance in Mozambique 03/29/2016 Active 1,714,328 P13 P158263 Phase III
Niger Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Improving Access to Financial Services in Niger 09/15/2016 Active 1,220,533 P15 P159341 Phase III
Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Strengthening Financial Stability in Uganda 02/09/2016 Active 1,575,276 P17 P155688 Phase III
Georgia Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Financial Sector Deepening and Inclusion in Georgia 11/28/2016 Active 1,934,067 P18 P159890 Phase III
Liberia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Increasing Responsible Financial Inclusion in Liberia 12/08/2016 Active 1,102,389 P19 P161744 Phase III
Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Strengthening Banking Supervision in Sierra Leone (IMF) 11/08/2016 Active 1,498,646 P20 N/A Phase III
Sri Lanka South Asia Capital Markets Creating an Enabling Environment for Broader Capital Market Development in Sri Lanka 07/11/2017 Active 1,263,079 P22 P163812 Phase III


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