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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$)sort descending Project Number Project ID Phase
Bulgaria Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Feasibility Study for Financial Derivatives Market 09/29/2004 Completed 35,198 223 Phase I
Sri Lanka South Asia Insurance Strengthening Actuarial Supervision Capacity 09/30/2003 Completed 36,152 110 Phase I
Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Development of Mortality and Morbidity Tables 06/07/2007 Completed 36,153 351 P105469 Phase II
Madagascar Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures MFI Credit Bureau 06/07/2007 Completed 36,275 280 P105448 Phase II
Regional Project Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Regional Training Seminar for Insurance Supervision 09/27/2004 Completed 36,296 291 Phase I
Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Audit Quality Review Programme 06/07/2007 Completed 37,210 241 P105439 Phase II
Kosovo Europe and Central Asia Insurance Strengthening Third Party Liability Motor Insurance 10/05/2004 Completed 38,084 264 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others MEFMI Workshop on Consolidated Supervision 09/16/2005 Completed 38,105 414 Phase I
Mali Sub-Saharan Africa Pensions Pensions and Insurance Strategy 06/07/2007 Completed 38,156 371 P105472 Phase II
Global Global Financial and Information Infrastructures Workshop for International and Offshore Financial Centers' Supervisors (IMF) 04/06/2005 Completed 38,546 347 Phase I
Caribbean Latin America and Caribbean Insurance ECCU Harmonizing Insurance Regulation and Supervision 02/04/2011 Completed 39,296 9062 P125676 Phase II
Regional Project East Asia and Pacific Insurance AITRI Workshop on IAIS Insurance Core Principles 06/14/2007 Completed 40,788 610 P105512 Phase II
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Financial and Information Infrastructures Developing the Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Provision of Financial Services through New Technological Channels 09/06/2012 Completed 41,000 10311 P133465 Phase II
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Automated Clearing House Systems Project Design for Millennium Challenge Corporation 10/25/2005 Completed 42,189 410 Phase I
Vietnam East Asia and Pacific Banking Enhancing Deposit Insurance 01/30/2008 Completed 43,578 7040 P110730 Phase II
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Payments Systems Project Design for the Millennium Challenge Corporation 09/22/2005 Completed 44,550 401 Phase I
Latin America Regional Latin America and Caribbean Multisector/Others AML/CFT Evaluator Training for Spanish Speaking Countries 02/13/2004 Completed 44,899 194 Phase I
Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Post-FSAP Strategic Roadmap 04/15/2008 Completed 45,742 8019 P111561 Phase II
Colombia Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets Colombia #182 Money Market Development 06/07/2007 Completed 46,087 182 P105418 Phase II
Latin America Regional Latin America and Caribbean Multisector/Others Strengthening Financial Sector Integrity in Central America 05/23/2003 Completed 46,213 87 Phase I
Georgia Europe and Central Asia Financial and Information Infrastructures Development of Country Strategy for ROSC 06/14/2007 Completed 46,347 631 P105518 Phase II
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets Implementation of IOSCO Self-Assessment 06/13/2005 Completed 46,485 384 Phase I
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Strengthening Supervisory Capacity of Insurance Commission 06/14/2007 Completed 46,832 450 P105495 Phase II
Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets Assistance with Drafting Securities Legislation 09/28/2004 Completed 48,128 300 Phase I
Zambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Institute of Bankers Training Strategy 06/04/2007 Completed 48,697 358 P105470 Phase II


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