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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phasesort descending
South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Accounting and Auditing Legislation 08/07/2003 Completed 114,391 76 Phase I
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets Implementation of IOSCO Self-Assessment 06/13/2005 Completed 46,485 384 Phase I
Sri Lanka South Asia Pensions Regulation of Private Pension Funds 06/23/2004 Completed 112,623 229 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others SADC Development Finance Resource Centre: Needs Analysis and Skills Audit for DFIs 06/18/2003 Completed 77,500 60 Phase I
India South Asia Insurance Insurance Tariff Advisory Committee: Capacity Building for Transition from Uniform Tariff System to Risk-Based Approach 03/18/2003 Completed 243,978 33 Phase I
The Gambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Development and Implementation of Central Bank Book Entry System 03/16/2005 Completed 84,509 355 Phase I
Swaziland Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Improving Access to the Financial Sector 03/01/2004 Completed 126,103 161 N/A Phase I
Lithuania Europe and Central Asia Insurance Insurance Supervision Strengthening 11/22/2002 Completed 177,275 10 Phase I
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Strengthening Payments Systems 12/24/2004 Completed 246,653 217 Phase I
Slovak Republic Europe and Central Asia Business Conduct Strengthening Corporate Governance of Listed Companies 12/05/2003 Completed 91,963 128 Phase I
Thailand East Asia and Pacific Banking Assisting Self-Assessment of Selected Financial Sector Core Principles (IMF) 11/02/2004 Completed 132,985 209 Phase I
Colombia Latin America and Caribbean Insurance Terrorism Loss Insurance Finance 11/12/2003 Completed 195,501 109 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance CEMAC: Pre-FSAP Microfinance Sector Assessment 10/17/2005 Completed 62,885 433 Phase I
Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets Establishing Second Tier Securities Market and Restructuring Over the Counter Market 09/29/2004 Completed 158,502 239 Phase I
FYR of Macedonia Europe and Central Asia Insurance Reform of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance System 09/30/2003 Completed 294,176 96 Phase I
Mexico Latin America and Caribbean Insurance Developing Framework for the Issuance of Catastrophe Bonds 08/15/2005 Completed 186,901 338 Phase I
Malawi Sub-Saharan Africa Pensions Strengthening NBFI Framework and Advice on Pension Reform (IMF) 08/16/2004 Completed 112,008 284 Phase I
Moldova Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Development of Money Market Instruments Phase II 06/07/2007 Completed 34,572 318 P105458 Phase I
Kyrgyz Republic Europe and Central Asia Financial and Information Infrastructures Modernization of the Postal System 10/11/2007 Completed 170,000 642 Phase I
Global Global Insurance Technical Reserving for Non-Life Insurers 04/03/2006 Completed 27,950 563 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance Finscope Africa: Technical Assistance for Strategy Development 12/20/2005 Completed 74,994 406 Phase I
Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets Long-Term Capital Market Development 09/30/2003 Completed 32,358 15 N/A Phase I
Regional Project East Asia and Pacific Multisector/Others South and East Asia: Workshop for Emerging Financial Intelligence Units (IMF) 08/31/2005 Completed 57,746 413 Phase I
Sri Lanka South Asia Capital Markets Regulating Securities Markets Intermediaries 08/14/2003 Completed 77,503 81 Phase I
Kyrgyz Republic Europe and Central Asia Microfinance Medium-Term Strategy for Microfinance Development 06/13/2005 Completed 136,714 383 Phase I


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