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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Statussort descending Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Insurance and Pension Regulation & Supervision in Lesotho 04/17/2015 Active 369,614 B062 P154285 Phase III
Comoros Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Financial Sector Development and Implementation Plan (FSDIP) in Comoros 12/08/2014 Active 360,910 B018 P150744 Phase III
Albania Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Strengthening the Government Bond Market and Management of Related Public Debt in Albania 08/14/2014 Active 370,436 B005 P151027 Phase III
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Credit Guarantee Strengthening In Egypt 07/19/2018 Active 386,679 F002 P167225 Phase III
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Financial Sector Strategy Strengthening Liquidity Framework and Financial Inclusion in El Salvador 05/03/2018 Active 306,314 E001 P166190 Phase III
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Africa Bank Information Exchange Initiative 12/07/2017 Active 208,289 B064 P164864 Phase III
Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Strengthening Capacity in Banking Supervision in Nigeria 07/10/2017 Active 484,529 D029 P160135 Phase III
Central America Latin America and Caribbean Banking Crisis Simulation Exercise Project in Central America 04/06/2017 Active 191,370 D040 P163638 Phase III
Guyana Latin America and Caribbean Financial and Information Infrastructures Payment System Development in Guyana 12/07/2016 Active 244,974 D031 P161631 Phase III
Ukraine Europe and Central Asia Banking Supporting the Deposit Guarantee Fund in Enhancing Bank Resolution Framework and Asset Recovery in Ukraine 08/26/2016 Active 214,894 C013 P159903 Phase III
Cameroon Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Collateral Registry and Secured Transactions in Cameroon 08/04/2016 Active 350,863 D012 P160072 Phase III
Democratic Republic of Congo Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Establishing Insurance Regulation and Supervision Framework in Democratic Republic of Congo 03/31/2016 Active 391,675 B030 P151992 Phase III
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Financial Inclusion in Lesotho 09/17/2015 Active 1,497,889 P9 P155971 Phase III
Haiti Latin America and Caribbean Programmatic Increasing Access to Responsible Financial Services in Haiti 06/29/2015 Active 1,562,912 P11 P155910 Phase III
Kazakhstan Europe and Central Asia Insurance Support for the National Mandatory Catastrophe Insurance Scheme in Kazakhstan 02/27/2014 Active 499,971 A057 P150034 Phase III
Guinea Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance Strengthening Microfinance and Financial Inclusion in Guinea 10/02/2015 Active 491,046 C015 P157049 Phase III
Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan Africa Macroprudential, Financial Safety Net & Crisis Preparedness Strengthening Bank Resolution and Crisis Management in Zimbabwe 03/04/2015 Active 452,035 B035 P151995 Phase III
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Payment Systems and Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion in BCEAO 07/24/2018 Active 457,573 D017 P167441 Phase III
El Salvador East Asia and Pacific Pensions Regulation Private Pension System in El Salvador 05/04/2018 Active 122,725 F004 P167110 Phase III
The Gambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Banking Supervision, Resolution, and Crisis Preparedness in The Gambia 12/07/2017 Active 392,390 E018 P165465 Phase III
Tajikistan Europe and Central Asia Macroprudential, Financial Safety Net & Crisis Preparedness Improving Deposit Insurance in Tajikistan 09/15/2017 Active 411,322 E009 P164163 Phase III
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Strengthening Financial Sector Supervision in Rwanda (IMF) 04/19/2017 Active 493,382 D038 N/A Phase III
Liberia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Increasing Responsible Financial Inclusion in Liberia 12/08/2016 Active 1,102,389 P19 P161744 Phase III
Niger Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Improving Access to Financial Services in Niger 09/15/2016 Active 1,220,533 P15 P159341 Phase III
Sri Lanka South Asia Banking Strengthening Financial System Legal and Regulatory Framework​ in Sri Lanka 08/12/2016 Active 421,508 D015 TF0A3257 Phase III


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