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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
West Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Banking West African Monetary Institute (WAMI): Banking Supervision Study 01/27/2003 Completed 123,632 16 Phase I
Philippines East Asia and Pacific Insurance Development and Implementation of Non-life Insurance Information System 01/20/2003 Completed 145,001 20 Phase I
Lithuania Europe and Central Asia Financial and Information Infrastructures Accounting and Auditing Reform 01/14/2003 Completed 126,008 24 Phase I
East Caribbean Regional Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets East Caribbean Securities Exchange: Custodian Recruitment to Support Cross Listings 12/30/2002 Completed 79,011 18 Phase I
Lithuania Europe and Central Asia Insurance Insurance Supervision Strengthening 11/22/2002 Completed 177,275 10 Phase I
Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa Business Conduct Preparation of a Code of Corporate Governance 11/18/2002 Completed 117,000 21 Phase I
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Insurance Sector Strengthening 10/01/2002 Completed 34,266 6 P105408 Phase II
Regional Project Europe and Central Asia Multisector/Others AML/CFT Workshop 09/30/2002 Completed 100,067 7 Phase I
Ukraine Europe and Central Asia Insurance Assistance to the Nonbank Financial Institution Regulator 09/30/2002 Completed 133,193 5 Phase I
Regional Project Latin America and Caribbean Multisector/Others GAFISUD: AML/CFT Workshop (IMF) 08/19/2002 Completed 34,266 1 Phase I


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