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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
Jordan Middle East and North Africa Insurance Development of a Supervisory Ladder and Supervisory Strengthening 04/26/2005 Completed 120,125 297 Phase I
Regional Project South Asia Capital Markets SAFE: Developing Model Listing Regulations 04/22/2005 Completed 68,355 303 Phase I
Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Development of FSAP Follow-up Strategy Plan (IMF) 04/21/2005 Completed 27,099 364 Phase I
Global Global Financial and Information Infrastructures Workshop for International and Offshore Financial Centers' Supervisors (IMF) 04/06/2005 Completed 38,546 347 Phase I
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Multisector/Others Strengthening Public Financial Institutions 03/30/2005 Completed 136,124 335 Phase I
Chile Latin America and Caribbean Insurance Roadmap for Strengthening Solvency Control in the Insurance Industry 03/24/2005 Completed 138,195 256 Phase I
SSA & E Timor Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Strengthening AML/CFT in Portuguese-Speaking Countries 03/23/2005 Completed 31,034 341 Phase I
Regional Project East Asia and Pacific Insurance Workshop on Self-Assessment of Selected IAIS Core Principles 03/21/2005 Completed 73,745 339 Phase I
The Gambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Development and Implementation of Central Bank Book Entry System 03/16/2005 Completed 84,509 355 Phase I
Moldova Europe and Central Asia Business Conduct Corporate Governance Reform 03/11/2005 Completed 270,148 312 Phase I
Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Advise on Establishing a Consolidated Supervisor for NBFIs 03/04/2005 Completed 80,563 344 Phase I
Peru Latin America and Caribbean Housing Finance Housing Finance Development 02/25/2005 Completed 487,103 313 Phase I
Caribbean Latin America and Caribbean Multisector/Others AML/CFT Workshop for Caribbean Regulators of Company and Trust Service Providers (IMF) 02/15/2005 Completed 57,284 259 Phase I
Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Strengthening Central Bank Business Processes 01/20/2005 Completed 466,008 250 Phase I
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Strengthening Payments Systems 12/24/2004 Completed 246,653 217 Phase I
Russia Europe and Central Asia Pensions Capacity Building to Support the Federal Regulator of Pension Funds 12/22/2004 Completed 381,343 205 Phase I
Latin America Regional Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets East Caribbean Securities Exchange: Development of Unified Rulebook 11/25/2004 Completed 61,512 288 Phase I
Moldova Europe and Central Asia Insurance Strengthening Insurance Supervision 11/10/2004 Completed 180,952 252 Phase I
Kazakhstan Europe and Central Asia Insurance Insurance Sector Strategic Advice and Regulatory Assistance 11/10/2004 Completed 161,803 183 Phase I
South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others Integration of Financial Regulations 11/03/2004 Completed 18,425 246 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Southern African Customs Union (SACU): Regional Workshop on Tiered Banking Regulations 11/03/2004 Completed 11,129 315 Phase I
Costa Rica Latin America and Caribbean Capital Markets Advice on Achieving Compliance with IOSCO MMoU 11/03/2004 Completed 72,466 248 Phase I
Thailand East Asia and Pacific Banking Assisting Self-Assessment of Selected Financial Sector Core Principles (IMF) 11/02/2004 Completed 132,985 209 Phase I
Turkey Europe and Central Asia Housing Finance Secondary Mortgage Market Development 10/22/2004 Completed 382,492 237 Phase I
Swaziland Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Review of Draft Bill for the Establishment of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority 10/13/2004 Completed 6,000 311 N/A Phase I


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