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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
Lebanon Middle East and North Africa Insurance Review and Advice on a New Insurance law 11/10/2003 Completed 91,892 126 Phase I
Pakistan South Asia Banking Project Design for Assistance to the State Bank of Pakistan 11/10/2003 Completed 9,200 98A Phase I
Lao PDR East Asia and Pacific Microfinance Rural Microfinance Survey 11/04/2003 Completed 152,321 124 Phase I
Morocco Middle East and North Africa Pensions Assistance to Support Pension Reform 11/01/2003 Completed 152,580 73 Phase I
Moldova Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Development of Money Market Instruments 10/06/2003 Completed 73,184 43 Phase I
FYR of Macedonia Europe and Central Asia Insurance Reform of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance System 09/30/2003 Completed 294,176 96 Phase I
Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets Long-Term Capital Market Development 09/30/2003 Completed 32,358 15 N/A Phase I
Romania Europe and Central Asia Multisector/Others Strengthening AML Regulations in the Securities Market 09/30/2003 Completed 51,504 123 Phase I
Sri Lanka South Asia Insurance Strengthening Actuarial Supervision Capacity 09/30/2003 Completed 36,152 110 Phase I
Indonesia East Asia and Pacific Capital Markets Capital Market Supervisory Agency Capacity Building (IMF)' 09/22/2003 Completed 121,871 78 Phase I
Bangladesh South Asia Insurance Insurance Law Reform 09/08/2003 Completed 53,035 53 Phase I
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Project Scoping Banking Sector 08/20/2003 Completed 20,085 125 Phase I
Colombia Latin America and Caribbean Pensions Developing the Supervisory and Regulatory Framework for Collective Investment Schemes 08/19/2003 Completed 216,620 52 Phase I
East Caribbean Regional Latin America and Caribbean Banking East Caribbean: Strengthening Credit Union Regulation and Supervision 08/15/2003 Completed 68,551 88 Phase I
Georgia Europe and Central Asia Capital Markets Debt Securities Market Development 08/15/2003 Completed 52,127 31 Phase I
Sri Lanka South Asia Capital Markets Regulating Securities Markets Intermediaries 08/14/2003 Completed 77,503 81 Phase I
South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Accounting and Auditing Legislation 08/07/2003 Completed 114,391 76 Phase I
Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Support for the Implementation of Collective Investment Schemes Legislation 07/16/2003 Completed 72,550 67 Phase I
Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Implementation of Effective AML/CFT Measures 07/11/2003 Completed 127,168 65 Phase I
Southern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Eastern and Southern Africa: Regional Bank Supervisors Leadership Training 07/03/2003 Completed 108,362 25 Phase I
Cameroon Sub-Saharan Africa Capital Markets Financial Markets Commission Capacity Building 06/30/2003 Completed 98,264 22 Phase I
Jordan Middle East and North Africa Insurance Actuarial Supervision Capacity Building of the Insurance Commission 06/26/2003 Completed 199,743 11 Phase I
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Rural Bank Restructuring (IMF) 06/25/2003 Completed 71,042 80 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Multisector/Others SADC Development Finance Resource Centre: Needs Analysis and Skills Audit for DFIs 06/18/2003 Completed 77,500 60 Phase I
Mongolia East Asia and Pacific Insurance Development of Insurance Supervisory Framework for Livestock Insurance 06/18/2003 Completed 320,416 56 Phase I


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