Project Characteristics

FIRST's focus is short-term and medium-term projects. Technical assistance projects range in size from a few thousand dollars up to US$500,000 and, exceptionally, more. The majority of projects supported to date have been between US$100,000 and US$200,000.

FIRST gives preference to projects with the following characteristics:

  • Likelihood of achieving the stated project objectives; of practical, tangible results; of successful implementation; of measurable impact and of replicability elsewhere.
  • Well-defined proposals of high quality, with realistic expectations.
  • Showing strong elements of additionality, rather than substitution.
  • Catalytic, likely to lead to follow-up TA work; leveraging other resources, now or later.
  • Short - to medium-term nature (6-18 months).
  • Cash or initial contributions of 10 percent from recipients.
  • No "core funding" (sole or primary source of funding of a start-up or an up- and running organization).
  • Projects that are "demand-driven" by entities from countries, regions, multilateral development banks and industry associations; rather than "supply-driven" by industrialized country consultants, Bank staff and the like.