Organization Structure

FIRST has a two-tier decision-making structure:  (i) a governing council (“Governing Council”), which provides strategic guidance to FIRST, sets overall policies and priorities and approves large projects, and (ii) the Project management Unit ("PMU"), which manages day-to-day activities of FIRST and approves all projects in coordination with the Project Approval Committee.

The Governing Council

FIRST is guided by a Governing Council comprising one representative of each of FIRST’s Main Donors, a representative from the Bank and a representative from the IMF.  “Main Donors” are defined as Donors who have contributed at least US$ 2,000,000 (two million United States dollars) in cash contributions to FIRST. 

Program Management Unit

The World Bank manages FIRST’s work program on behalf of Donors through the PMU as described in the FIRST Charter. The PMU is led by the Program Manager, who is recruited internationally and hired by the World Bank.


Consolate K. Rusagara
Program Manager
Hanh Thi Bich Le
Senior M&E Officer
Pramita Moni SenGupta
Senior Project Officer
Emiko Todoroki
Senior Project Officer
Marlon Rawlins
Project Officer
Tim L. De Vaan
Project Officer
Renske Van der Kooi
Project Officer
Sarah Zekri
Project Officer
Jatin Dawar
Resource Management Officer
Subita Gurbani
Knowledge Management Officer
Padmashree Sidarth
Operations Analyst
Baaqia S. Holloway
Program Assistant