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Country Region Sectors Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project ID Phase
Sri Lanka South Asia Insurance Insurance Supervision Capacity Building 07/15/2016 Active 112,211 D023 Phase III
Tajikistan Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening Financial Stability and Supervision Frameworks 07/05/2016 Active 495,220 D001 Phase III
Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa Financial and Information Infrastructures Nigeria Payment Systems Development 05/31/2016 Active 329,811 B019 Phase III
Democratic Republic of Congo Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Establishing Insurance Regulation and Supervision Framework 03/31/2016 Active 391,675 B030 Phase III
Mozambique Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Improving the Enabling Environment for Long Term Finance 03/29/2016 Active 1,714,328 P13 Phase III
Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Strengthening Financial Stability 02/09/2016 Active 1,575,276 P17 Phase III
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Financial Sector Supervision Strengthening & Consumer Protection 02/02/2016 Active 489,359 C021 Phase III
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Promoting Financial Inclusion 02/02/2016 Active 402,824 C020 Phase III
Cote d'Ivoire Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Promoting Financial Inclusion and Preserving Financial Stability 01/20/2016 Active 487,275 C019 Phase III
Lao PDR East Asia and Pacific Banking Strengthen Banking Supervision Capacity (IMF) 12/01/2015 Active 320,300 B026 Phase III
Honduras Latin America and Caribbean Banking Asset Management Capacity Building 11/06/2015 Active 122,771 C022 Phase III
Maldives South Asia Financial and Information Infrastructures Enabling a Non-Bank Mobile Money Solution 10/08/2015 Active 496,314 C001 Phase III
Regional Project Latin America and Caribbean Financial Sector Strategy OECS: Diversifying the Financial System 10/07/2015 Active 389,776 B052 Phase III
India South Asia Pensions Pension Coverage and Supervision 10/06/2015 Active 404,270 C008 Phase III
Guinea Sub-Saharan Africa Microfinance Strengthening Microfinance and Financial Inclusion 10/02/2015 Active 491,046 C015 Phase III
Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa Programmatic Expanding Financial Inclusion 09/17/2015 Active 1,497,889 P9 Phase III
Western Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Housing Finance Expanding Access to Affordable Housing Finance 08/31/2015 Active 489,321 B051 Phase III
India South Asia Programmatic SIDBI MSME Finance 08/26/2015 Active 1,716,965 P10 Phase III
Paraguay Latin America and Caribbean Microfinance Agriculture Commodity Exchange Development 07/30/2015 Active 208,606 C002 Phase III
Nepal South Asia Banking Strengthening Banking Supervision (IMF) 07/23/2015 Active 1,689,882 P12 Phase III
Republic of the Congo Sub-Saharan Africa Financial Sector Strategy Financial Sector Development Strategy (FSDS) 07/14/2015 Active 397,224 B045 Phase III
Indonesia East Asia and Pacific Financial and Information Infrastructures Payments Systems Upgrade Implementation 07/10/2015 Active 62,302 C007 Phase III
El Salvador Latin America and Caribbean Financial and Information Infrastructures Payment System Development 07/07/2015 Active 166,892 B058 Phase III
Bangladesh South Asia Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for Islamic Banking 07/07/2015 Active 386,558 B061 Phase III
Haiti Latin America and Caribbean Programmatic Increasing Access to Responsible Financial Services 06/29/2015 Active 1,562,912 P11 Phase III


Projects found based on your filtering criteria: 622